Calverton, Wading River stations selling Long Island’s cheapest gas

wading rier, calverton
MICHAEL WHITE PHOTO | Steve Kuhl of Calverton fills up at the Gulf station in Calverton, which had the cheapest gas on Long Island Monday morning.

North Fork residents searching for the cheapest gas on Long Island won’t have to travel far.

Two of the three cheapest gas stations on the island are in Wading River and the other is in Calverton as of Monday, according to Regular fuel at those stations costs only $3.27

That is 35 cents cheaper than the state average of $3.62.

Those stations were the Citgo on Wading River Manor Road in Wading River, the Valero near the intersection of Route 25A and Sound Avenue in Wading River and the Gulf station on Route 25 in Calverton. The Hess station at the intersection of Route 25 and Wading River Manor Road and the Citgo on Route 25 in Calverton were tied for second at $3.29 a gallon for regular gas.

Just be sure to hit the ATM or get cash back from the supermarket before filling up; the stations charge extra for credit.

Ali Mahmood, the manager of the Wading River Valero station, said the store recently opened under new management.He said the station has had the cheapest gas around for days and also boasts a cheap cup of joe at just 50 cents.

“We try to keep as fair a price as we can,” he said adding that his customers have been really happy.

“I’m pretty much busy all the time,” he said.

People filling up in Calverton and Wading River might not realize how good they have it. Steve Kuhl and his wife Donna of Calverton had no idea they were at gas station with the cheapest fuel on Long Island when they stopped at the Route 25 Gulf station Monday. But they were happy to hear it.

“It’s nice to see it refreshingly low,” said Mr. Kuhl, a retired teacher. “We’ll even go the credit price if we have to.”

At $3.35 the U.S. average is down seven cents from this time last week, but way up from last year’s price of $2.88 for regular gas, according to the AAA Daily Fuel Gauge report.

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Additional reporting by Michael White

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