Monday Briefing: Working from a sandwich shop

The movies taught me that I might someday work in a big city office, where I would spend time putting golf balls into an electronic cup that would shoot the balls back to me. I would also pour scotch for my business associates and chat all day. When it was time to leave, my secretary would inform me that it’s my anniversary. But not to worry, she had already picked up a present for my wife. Ah, good ole’ Martha.

Real life as of late has been much more fun.

Thanks to technology, I’ve been able to spend some of my days working in a sandwich shop.

Off Main Market & Kitchen, to be specific, where the wifi is strong and the coffee is stronger. I do interviews, edit letters and stories and and get to hear about every day life in Riverhead — all from a table at this NYC-style deli on Osborn Avenue.

When I’m thirsty, I grab a drink. Hungry, order up an amazing sandwich. Tired, another cup of joe.

It’s been a great experience, and while I haven’t been to Off Main in a couple of weeks — as I’ve been busy covering for staffers scrambling to take their vacation days before they lose them — I’m heading back today if anyone wants to stop in to chat.

But try to remember, I’m on the clock.

• A lot happened late last week, which buried some of our regular coverage of Riverhead on RiverheadNewsReview.com. But if you missed it, the owner of Spicy’s BBQ is close to selling his property on West Main Street.

This isn’t news you want to break.

This soul food mainstay is a Riverhead favorite, and while it’s not entirely clear to me yet who owns the actual two-store chain and brand — and perhaps most important, secret recipes — I’m hoping those scrumptious little chicken wings and special Spicy’s sauce will be available in downtown Riverhead for decades to come, either at this location or somewhere else.

Check the newspaper Thursday for more information on the deal.

• If you happen to be near downtown today, check out the recently restored English-style knot garden on the East End Arts property. Riverhead Garden Club members have been hard at work rehabbing the historic garden.

Don’t have time? Don’t know what a knot garden is?

Check back at RiverheadNewsReview.com later for a slide show of the garden club members at work.

From the community garden to the parks to the arts center to the restaurants and a coming playground, downtown is turning the corner. Everyone should go see for themselves during the holidays.

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