Dining Guide: Elbow East

Owners: William Berliner and Katherine Rutkowski
Year established: 1989
Location: Kenney Road, Southold
Phone: 631-765-1203
Attire: Casual
Hours: Open daily at noon, year round
Wheelchair accessible: Yes

Owner Billy Berliner started working at Elbow East in 1989 while it was under the ownership of Cliff Saunders. In 1999, Mr. Berliner and his sister Katherine Rutkowski purchased the restaurant from Mr. Saunders.

Marinated steaks, surf and turf, lobsters, baked clams and Long Island chowder remain the restaurant’s signature meals. Over the years, new items have been added to the menu, much to the credit of executive chef Mark Conklin, whose weekly specials range from chicken parmigiana, broiled swordfish and tuna steaks to backyard barbecued chicken and ribs, porterhouse pork chops and more. Takeout is available.

Elbow East features a full-service bar with a complete menu of finger foods and snacks, along with the restaurant’s own thin-crust bar pizzas. NYS Lottery tickets and QuickDraw are available for purchase.

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