South Fork book store chain coming to Love Lane in Mattituck

TIM KELLY PHOTO | The location of the upcoming BookHampton store on Love Lane in Mattituck.

New life will be breathed into the local book market this Easter weekend when BookHampton, hops forks and opens its fourth location on Love Lane in Mattituck.

“We think the location is really the center of the North Fork and the most beautiful spot to open the book store,” co-owner Charline Spektor said of the new location, on the corner of Main Road and Love Lane, directly across from the Village Cheese Shop. “We’re very, very excited.”

Ms. Spektor and husband, Jeremy Nussbaum, have owned the 40-year-old BookHampton chain for the past 12 years. Their three other locations are in East Hampton Village, Southampton Village and Sag Harbor.

The couple previously opened a location in Amagansett, but it closed in March 2010 after two years in business. Ms. Spektor told The Sag Harbor Express this week that she thought the Amagansett store’s close proximity to the thriving East Hampton Village location led to its demise.

But she’s betting the Mattituck location will thrive.

“The nicest part of having a book store is meeting new readers and we’re delighted with the welcome we’ve already received,” Ms. Spektor said. “We’re very optimistic about the location and truly banking on the idea that there’s a whole world of readers that want a book store as a community center piece.”

“It’s going to be very beautiful,” she added. “The size will allow us to fill it with books, both current and classic non-fiction and fiction as well as a very substantial children’s section and another for teen readers, who I think have sort of had to fend for themselves until now.”

Ms. Spektor said BookHampton is thriving in an industry where others have failed, like Border’s in Riverhead, because the chain has “a very experienced team of knowledgeable booksellers with a long tradition of making personal recommendations to customers.”

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