More than two dozen graffiti incidents reported in one day in Flanders

TIM GANNON PHOTO | A damaged decorative light house in Flanders, one of many reports of graffiti in Flanders last Tuesday.

Southampton Town police responded to 25 reports of graffiti and/or vandalism on various streets throughout Flanders last Tuesday.

The incidents all are believed to have taken place between 11 p.m. last Monday and 8 a.m. Tuesday, and in every incident, spray paint was used to write the tags “AOC” or “SLANG” in red, yellow or blue spray paint, authorities said.

The reports came in from residents on Maple Avenue, Priscilla Avenue, Riverside Avenue, Reeves Bay Trail, Point Road, and Dam Trail, according to police, and the graffiti was painted on mailboxes, fences, brick walls, cars, houses, a brick pillar, a garage door, a dumpster, a satellite dish, decorative horses and a decorative lighthouse.

There were so many similar cases that police developed a generic incident report where officers could just fill in what item was graffitied.

There was one report of a Sirius radio console being stolen from a car in one of the graffiti incidents.