Letters: Obama, basketball and more Obama


Ashamed? Really?

Shame on you, Thomas W. Smith (“Sorry for what?” March 1). Obviously you are not a fan of President Obama but, because you are an American, and you live in the greatest country in the world, that is your right and privilege. But remember, our president was elected by the people and for the people — like it or not. Are you suggesting in your letter we stoop to the level of those who have no regard for human life, who commit atrocities, who have killed our brave soldiers? Burning the Koran, while unintentional, was wrong. It is the sacred book of a religion of many good people of the world who are swept up and labeled because of the radicalism of some. To apologize for a wrongdoing shows courage, strength and character, and our president did so on behalf of America. Because we are a civilized nation.

I, for one, am so proud to be an American and live here in a country where for so long, many have fought and died to preserve us, so we might live in freedom. We are truly the greatest nation (I didn’t say perfect) and to you, Mr. Smith, I will give the benefit of the doubt. I think your dissatisfaction and dislike for our president have clouded your mind. To say you are ashamed to be called an American is a disgrace and, as the old adage says, “like it or leave it.” I say that to you today.

Will you leave it? I’ll bet you won’t.

Joan Lohe


Leave the carts

Nearly every day, during a walk, bike ride or by car, I have seen at least one person walking away from a shopping area pushing a store cart, which they have just stolen without the least bit of conscience. These carts can cost the storekeepers upwards of $100 each, and that “loss” is translated into higher costs for us, the shoppers who would not consider taking something which is not ours. These thieves stroll nonchalantly toward their destinations without ever being stopped by a passing patrol officer. Time and time again it is the same people with different carts. These shopping carts end up by the wayside, tossed into a field and run over by vehicles. My mother never drove, but she bought her own fold-up cart for groceries and laundry, so how is it that outright theft is condoned or ignored?

Linda Nemeth


All for the girls

ROBERT O'ROURK PHOTO | the Riverhead girls basketball team plays in the L.I. title game Friday evening.

On behalf of the Riverhead girls basketball booster club, the varsity girls basketball team, family and friends, a heartfelt thanks goes out to the Riverhead Police Department and the Riverhead, Flanders and Jamesport fire departments for the amazing display of support they showed our team upon winning the Suffolk County championship title. It was incredible to see the community come together for the accomplishment of these outstanding players!

Debbie Doscinski


End of days

If there are any good people out there they are few and far between and doing nothing of substantial goodness.

I hate the do-nothing Congress and all elected officials, all the incompetent people in positions of authority who take their taxpayer paychecks and do little to nothing good. I hate all the whiny, union-affiliated people. I hate the insurance industry with its influence upon the health care industry. I hate that there is no personhood amendment or an owner-occupied real estate amendment. I hate all the litterbugs, the alcoholics, the drug dealers and the drug users. I hate all the arrogant, take-more-than-you-give mentality of most everyone on this planet. I welcome the end of this world. If there be any good people on this planet, let them die with the bad inconsiderate, immature, irresponsible, uncaring people, just to get rid of the crappy ones who never will grow up to love goodness and truth. Does anyone recognize themselves as a loser? Do these words enflame an uprightness desire to come forth within? Do you understand how sad I am to be living on this planet, in this society, that is not gentler or kinder?

Carla D’Esposito


End of civilization?

President Obama has ended religious freedom in America by requiring health insurers to pay for contraceptives for employees of religious-run universities and hospitals, even though insurers actually like to pay for these medications because it saves them money.

Don’t tell anyone, but contraceptives also cut down on out of wedlock pregnancies and unwanted pregnancies that lead to abortions. On March 1 Senate Republicans sought to restore religious freedom in America with an amendment to allow any and all employers to remove coverage for any medical condition they have a “moral or religious objection to.”

Employers can say, contraceptives? Nah, it’s against my religion. HIV drugs? It’s a gay disease. Prenatal care? No way. Inoculations? I don’t believe in them. Cancer? Try prayer.

Alas, all Republican Senators except for one voted for this amendment, but that still wasn’t enough and so it failed.

Now that Mr. Obama has done away with religious freedom in our country, I expect that Friday, Saturday and Sunday religious attendance will be way down. At my church, in order to avoid scrutiny we’re going to start meeting on Tuesday mornings in the basement.

Last week the president said it was his goal to make college available to any kid who wants to go. This is all part of his insidious plan to brainwash our youth so they pursue an immoral life and vote Democratic. After all, isn’t the whole purpose of college just to fill the heads of our youth with some fancy rot?

Mr. Obama and my father are such snobs. The president wants college for all and my father, who never made it past the fifth grade, made it his life’s work to send his two sons.

Last on this week’s list of Obama offenses is his destruction of our right to “the pursuit of happiness” as guaranteed in the Constitution. When there were no GM jobs, many Michiganders used to enjoy hanging out at the 7-Eleven. Since Mr. Obama financed the rebirth of Detroit, the American car industry is booming.

Now with all these jobs being created at GM, Ford and Chrysler, these workers are now back in the assembly plant instead of drinking giant Slurpees.

Mort Cogen