Photos: Riverhead Middle School hosts annual Roman Banquet

BARBARAELLEN KOCH PHOTO | Students serve the meal at Riverhead Middle School's annual Roman Banquet.

The annual Riverhead Middle School Roman Banquet, headlined by the play “Ancient Failures of Epic Proportions,” was held Thursday evening.

The play, under the direction of Latin teacher Lorene Custer for the 16th year, was written by Riverhead High School Latin students Jenn Bliss, Bobby Prentiss, Liana Salgado and John Rios. Riverhead Middle School students Helene Drozd, Jesse Goodale and Gwen Hilles also contributed.

The play encompasses the stories of three infamous characters from mythology who are eternally punished in the underworld. Ixion, after committing patricide, then hubris, was subject to an eternity tied to a turning wheel of fire. Sisyphus, having attempted to seduce Juno, the wife of Jupiter, is forced to push a large boulder up a steep hill over and over again. Tantalus, after feeding the sacred food of the gods, nectar and ambrosia to mortals, and feeding human flesh to the gods, is forever taunted with receding water and unreachable food.

The dinner banquet before the play, featuring various dishes prepared by the parents and extended families of Riverhead Middle School Latinists, was served by the students in Roman attire.


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