Meet the Riverhead Fire Department’s new chief

COURTESY PHOTO | New Riverhead Fire Chief Anthony White.

The Riverhead Fire Department will have new leadership soon after department members elected a new slate of chiefs Thursday.

Nick Luparella, who has served as chief for the past two years, didn’t seek reelection. His two years as chief were two of the busiest in department history, in terms of call volume.

First Assistant Chief Anthony White, who has held that position for the past two years, was elected as the new Riverhead Fire Chief Thursday in an uncontested election in which he received 65 votes, with 17 votes blank and 10 void, according to Dennis Hamill, chairman of the Riverhead Fire District.

Second Assistant Chief Joe Raynor, who has held that position for two years, was voted the new first assistant chief Thursday. He received 75 votes, with 7 blank and 10 void. Kevin Brooks, who’s been Third Assistant Chief for the past two years, was elected Second Assistant Chief Thursday, with 80 votes, 3 blank and 10 void, according to Mr. Hamill.

The newly-elected Third Assistant Chief is Peter Jackman, a former Captain of Reliable Hose and Engine Company #1. He received 82 votes, with one blank and 10 void, Mr. Hamill said.

All of the chief elections were uncontested, and the newly-elected officers will officially be sworn in at the April 17 meeting of the fire commissioners, according to Mr. Hamill.

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