Riverhead man scratches off $20,000 Lottery winner

A Riverhead man has won $20,000 in a Lottery scratch-off game, New York State Lottery officials announced Monday.

Craig Martin, of Riverhead, bought his winning $5 New York Poker instant win game in late March.

“I play every week as a casual player,” Mr. Martin said, adding that he’s never won a prize this large before.

Mr. Martin, a lifelong Riverhead resident who works at National Grid, said at first he thought he had made a mistake when checking the ticket.

“We didn’t believe it,” he said. “We made sure before we got too excited.”

He claimed his winnings on April 18 and said he will put the prize into some mutual fund investments.

The chances of winning $20,000 in New York Poker are 1 in 705,600, according to the Lottery website.

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