Monday Briefing: Riverhead photo contest winner announced

NEWS REVIEW PHOTO | The Dark Horse restaurant in downtown Riverhead.


No, that’s not the headline of an upcoming News-Review editorial, it’s the winner of our first online name-that-restaurant photo contest, which launched last week on

Using the DISQUS handle savedowntownpolice, this person was often one of the first to identify what was at times some tricky closeup photographs of restaurants in town.

He or she — we’ll be in touch — will enjoy a free meal using a $50 gift certificate from any one of the five restaurants pictured in the contest: Dark Horse, Blackwells, Lobster Roll, Birchwood or La Plage.

Readers were asked to identify the restaurants using either DISQUS at the bottom of each post, Facebook or Twitter.

The winner was selected at random.

I hope everyone had as much fun playing as the staffers here did putting the contest together.

And be sure to look out for the next contest, coming soon!

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