Meet the Riverhead Raceway Drivers: #34 Eric Zeh

AMY SPERO PHOTO | Eric Zeh of Selden races in the charger division.

Name: Eric Zeh

Age: 24

Division: Charger

Top 3 Sponsors: Finish Line Construction and Container, ILS Landscaping and Extreme Kart Supply.

Like many racers before him, Eric Zeh got his start in racing with Go-Karts. The 24-year-old from Selden started racing at 15 at Riverhead Raceway and has been going at it ever since for the last nine years. Now racing in the charger division, Zeh opened the season with a third-place finish in the 20-lap charger race May 5.

Zeh is currently seventh in the charger point standings with 120.

His favorite racing memory was the World Karting Association National win in 2008, he said. The best part of racing at Riverhead, he said, is the small track. When he’s not racing, Zeh tries to catch up on his sleep, if he can.

His biggest supporters in his career have been his parents.

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