First of 20 new bike racks installed downtown

TIM GANNON PHOTO | Councilwoman Jodi Giglio, second from left, with members of the town's alternative transportation committee and building and grounds department..

It’s a bike rack that looks like … what else? … a bike.

Riverhead Town’s buildings and grounds crew installed a decorative bike rack Monday afternoon in front of the River and Roots Community Garden on West Main Street that’s in the shape of a bicycle.

The red colored rack can hold up to four bicycles and another one just like will be installed by the Peconic Riverfront.

The decorative rack is bringing attention to the fact that 18 traditional “wave”-style bike racks will be coming to Riverhead Town soon, courtesy of a $20,000 grant from Cornell Cooperative Extension, according to Susan Wilk of Cornell.

“It’s called a ‘Healthy Places in Suffolk County’ grant and Riverhead is one of the places we’re are working with,” Ms. Wilk said. In addition to the bike rack, the grants also includes two new picnic tables which also were installed behind the new playground at the Community Garden, and a new water fountain which has yet to be installed, she said.

Nick Attasano of Twin Forks Bicycles in Riverhead ordered the new bike racks, including the two decorative ones, which came from a company called Dero, which can make bike racks in any shape or size you want, he said.

The other bike racks will be installed at parks and beaches throughout town.

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