Did ‘Mike Love of the Beach Boys’ talk to you on Sunday?

The man on the left is Mike Love of the Beach Boys. The man on the right, shown in a photo taken by Katrina Lovett, says he is.

One day after a Riverhead woman said a man who told her he was Mike Love of the Beach Boys forced her up on stage at the Riverhead Cardboard Boat Race to tell people she was going to be on “American Idol,” more people are coming forward to say they also encountered the man.

Calverton resident April Pokorny, 60, said a man also told her he was the 71-year-old founding member of the Beach Boys.

“He came up to me before the races started and he asked ‘can I share your shade?’” she said. She said she was surprised when the man told her he was Mike Love, but initially didn’t see any reason to distrust him.

Ms. Pokorny said the man looked older than 70 with long hair and seemed “very, very harmless and not at all creepy.”

The man told Ms. Pokorny he was in the area to promote girls performing at vineyards on the East End. When Ms. Pokorny offered to bring the news media to meet him, the man said he didn’t want to make the day about him, she said.

He also mentioned off-hand that he “got a girl who sang at the Vail-Leavitt onto American Idol,” she said. The strange man also acted like he knew the local theater scene.

“He seemed to know the Westhampton Beach theater which is kind of strange for a Beach Boy,” she said.

Ms. Pokorny said she had already gone home by the time the American Idol announcement was made.

Cardboard boat race emcee Anthony Coates said he heard from several other sources Sunday that a man claiming to be Mr. Love had also approached them.

Editor’s Note: Email us if you know who the man is, encountered him yourself or have additional photographs of him.

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