Self-serve meccas for yogurt fans open in Greenport, Mattituck

JENNIFER GUSTAVSON PHOTO | Alessandra de la Noval, 4, of Greenport spoons up frozen yogurt after graduating preschool on the first day of summer at the new self-serve shop on Front Street in Greenport.

Get ready to treat yourself to as little — or as much — frozen yogurt as you like.

Two new self-serve yogurt shops have opened in Greenport and Mattituck that also offer guilt-free frozen treats.

Coram cousins Spyros Krokidis and Louie Roumeliotos decided to go into business together and open Fro-Yopia on Front Street in Greenport after visiting self-serve frozen yogurt shops in Los Angeles.

“I always thought we could do well if we could find a great location,” said Mr. Krokidis. “We love the self-serve idea. It’s fun and the product is amazing.”

Fro-Yopia, which blends the words “frozen” and “utopia,” offers a variety of low-fat flavors including cake batter, peanut butter and sweet coconut.

Its nonfat frozen yogurt, which comes in flavors including pistachio and thin mint, and contains between 100 and 110 calories per four-ounce serving, the store owners said. Fro-Yopia also offers sugar-free blueberry frozen yogurt and a milk-free pomegranate-raspberry sorbet.

First-time customers Ramona Miranda of Greenport and her 4-year-old daughter, Alessandra de la Noval, enjoyed sorbet at the Greenport shop last week after adding sprinkles and chocolate syrup themselves.

“We’ve been waiting for you to open since we saw the sign on the door in May,” Ms. Miranda told the owners.

Mr. Krokidis, a branch manager at Citibank in Riverhead, said his business exudes a small-town feel because of its high level of customer service.

Servers offer free samples after greeting you at the door. Once you’ve settled on a flavor, you can then pile on different toppings, including fruits and candies. Prices are determined by weight.

And Fro-Yopia offers more than just a healthy alternative to desserts. Mr. Krokidis said his shop strives to be the greenest downtown business.

There are energy-efficient LED light fixtures, biodegradable cups and spoons and orange chairs made from recycled plastic.

“We’re right across from the bay and if a plastic spoon falls into the water it will ruin the environment,” he said. “Our spoons cost seven times more than plastic spoons, but when you run a business you have a responsibility not only to make a profit but to give back to the community.”

Mr. Krokidis and Mr. Roumeliotos said even though they don’t live in Greenport, the village has a special place in their hearts because it’s where they used to spend their summers.

“We vacationed here as kids,” Mr. Krokidis said. “Being here brings back so many memories.”

Mr. Krokidis said upon the success of the first shop, he may open another location.

Over in Mattituck, locals Susan and James Orioli celebrated the grand opening of their self-serve style frozen yogurt shop, Yogurt Expressions, this weekend, though their doors have been open for about two weeks now.

The Oriolis also run North Fork Limousine Service Corporation, At Your Service Party Rentals and a liquor store under the same “At Your Service” handle in Mattituck.

Ms. Orioli said the decision to open Yogurt Expressions was the result of dissatisfaction with existing frozen yogurt options on the North Fork.

“I wasn’t happy with the frozen yogurt that was being offered at the ice cream places,” she said. “I also wanted to have a place for the kids and families to go at night. There’s only the movie theater to go to right now and I thought this would be a good activity for people to get involved with.”

Lime green and blue is splashed through the otherwise white eatery, and a long bench runs parallel to the self-serve topping area and register counter. Aside from a few front tables, the wide-open floor space offers plenty of room for customers to explore the wall of frozen yogurt.

“This used to be the showroom for At Your Service Party Rentals,” Ms. Orioli said. “We just brought the machines in from the rental side and made them self-serve.”

She said the business plans to stay open year-round between 11:30 a.m. and 11 p.m. every day of the week.

So far, Ms. Orioli said everything’s been peachy keen, including the customer response and the more than 35 toppings the shop offers, including fresh fruits, granola and assorted candies.

“Everything’s been great. Everyone’s happy to see the frozen yogurt here,” Ms. Orioli said, adding that the business’ biggest goal is to keep things clean.

“People say they see us constantly cleaning,” she said laughing.

Yogurt Expressions offers 10 flavors, which change from week to week and include chocolate, cake batter and pomegranate raspberry.

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