Meet the Drivers: #81 Christopher “Bub” Turbush

AMY SPERO PHOTO | Chris Turbush alongside his No. 81 charger car.

Name: Christopher “Bub” Turbush

Age: 35

Division: Charger

Top Sponsors: East West Marine, Lighthouse Market, Flash Dink INC

Born into a racing family, Christopher “Bub” Turbush of Riverhead has become one of the most accomplished drivers at Riverhead Raceway. He’s currently a four-time defending champion in the charger division, having won from 2008-11. He’s right back in the thick of things this season with 222 points in the charger division, second behind Jeremy McDermott.

A 10-year veteran of Riverhead Raceway, Turbush also races the super pro trucks, where he’s currently second in the standings behind Michael Albasini.

He started racing in 2000 with his father’s car before taking two years off. His sixth race ended with a victory. His brother Roger races as well. One of his favorite racing memories was seeing his brother win the Championship Truck Series, he said.

The camaraderie of racing at Riverhead where he knows everyone is his favorite part, he said. When he’s not on the race track, Turbush enjoys a variety of other sports from softball to flag football to bowling.

He said his family has been the biggest supporter in his career.

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