‘Dead Dog Beach’ rescues arrive at Kent Animal Shelter in Calverton

BARBARAELLEN KOCH PHOTO | Kent Animal Shelter’s adoption manager Kristan McCormick (left) and office manager Liza Coppola holding Susie and Nicole, two of the six dogs rescued by The Sato Project from Dead Dog Beach.

Six dogs rescued from what’s called Dead Dog Beach in Puerto Rico were welcomed with loving arms to Kent Animal Shelter in Calverton Tuesday night.

The dogs, which were saved by The Sato Project rescue group, are now looking for permanent homes.

“They really do a lot for these dogs in Puerto Rico and we want to help them as much as we can,” Kent’s adoption manager, Kristan McCormick, said of the Sato group. “I think we can adopt out these guys fairly quickly and find them loving and caring homes.”

Dead Dog Beach is an area in Puerto Rico where stray dogs are routinely abused, killed or starve to death in the sun.

Kent Animal Shelter executive director Pamela Green said she jumped at the chance to help the dogs.

“When I spoke with the director of the Sato Project and heard about Dead Dog Beach and what happens to these misfortune animals, I knew that we had to help,” she said. “Like many other islands of paradise, it’s no paradise for the strays.

“We can find these animals loving homes, and they don’t have to suffer like that.”

This is Kent’s first rescue in partnership with The Sato Project.

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