Meet the Drivers: #88 Roger Turbush

Roger Turbush after his victory June 2.

Name: Roger Turbush

Age: 31

Division: Super Pro Trucks

Top 3 Sponsors: Rheem, Thrifty Beverage, Sergios Pizza

Car Number: 88

A 10-year veteran of Riverhead Raceway, Roger Turbush of Riverhead has had a superb season racing in the Super Pro Truck division. He’s currently tied for first place with 398 points. He’s tied for first with none other than his brother, Christopher, who Roger said has been the biggest supporter in his career.

When Roger began racing at Riverhead he started by subbing in for his brother. Starting from last, he ended up winning the race. In 2005 he won the championship, which he said is one of his top racing memories.

Racing close to home with friends and family is his favorite part about Riverhead Raceway, he said.

When he’s not racing he loves to play other sports from softball to bowling to flag football.

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