Meet the Drivers: #74 Marisa Niederauer

AMY SPERO PHOTO | Marisa Niederauer alonside her No. 74 modified car.

Name: Marisa Niederauer

Age: 26

Division: Modified

Top Sponsor: Xray Precision Utility

Car Number: 74

One of only a handful of women drivers at Riverhead Raceway, 26-year-old Marisa Niederauer began her racing career in Go-Karts at 8-years-old. She’s spent the last couple of years at Riverhead and began with modifieds at 18.

Her favorite racing memory came when she won a race — and didn’t realize it. Racing with her dad, she lapped the field, crossed first and soon after found out she won. She said it was her first lesson on winning.

The local fans at Riverhead keep her motivated, she said. When she’s not racing she remains active whether it be snowboarding or surfing. She also enjoys spending time with friends and family, she said.

The biggest supporters in her career have been her mother Elsie, sister Breana and Vinny Petrosini.

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