Meet the Drivers: #17 Vinny Delaney

AMY SPERO PHOTO | Vinny Delaney alongside his No. 17 Legends car.

Name: Vinny Delaney

Age: 23

Division: Legends

Top 3 Sponsors: None yet

Car Number: 17

A relative newcomer to the legends division at Riverhead Raceway, Vinny Delaney of Holtsville made an immediate impact at a young age. In 2011 he finished second in legends, which he described as his favorite racing memory so far.

Like most drivers he got his start in Go-Karts at age 9 before starting in the legends three years ago.

Delaney said racing at Riverhead is like an escape.

“Once you’re in the car that’s the only thing you’re focused on,” he said.

Outside of the racetrack Delaney also enjoys playing hockey. He said his biggest supporters in his career have been Amber and his father, Brian.

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