Police warn residents of suspected water bill credit card scam

FILE PHOTO | Riverhead police have warned residents of a possible credit card scam.

Riverhead police are investigating a possible credit card scam after two Riverhead Town residents reported geting a phone call from a unknown man demanding the resident pay a late water bill immediately, authorities said.

The unknown caller told the resident they must pay by credit card over the phone, according to a police statement.

Police said the calls are fakes and that the Town of Riverhead does not accept payment of water bills over the phone. Residents should take necessary precautions when giving out personal data like credit card numbers, police said.

Similar incidents have occurred across Long Island, according to police. Police have asked any victims of these faked phone calls to contact their local police department.

Riverhead residents can report the scam to police by calling 727-4500 and pressing 0 to speak to the police dispatcher.