Riverhead School District sees its AP Scholars double

COURTESY PHOTO | Riverhead students who were named AP Scholars, AP Scholars with Honor, AP Scholars with Distinction, and National AP Scholars.

Riverhead High School had nearly double the number of AP Scholars last school year than the year before, including a student who became the first high school junior to be named a National AP Scholar, school officials announced this week.

Sixty-five students were named AP Scholars — given to those who scored 3 or higher on three or more AP tests — for the 2011-12 school year, according to the district.

Of the 65 scholars, 16 achieved an average score of 3.25, and another seven scored an average of 3.5 on the tests.

In the 2010-2011 school year, 37 students were named AP Scholars.

“We are very proud of the growth that our students have shown in both taking and excelling on AP exams,” said Riverhead superintendent Nancy Carney. “We applaud our faculty, administrators, and parents for encouraging students to take these rigorous courses that will better prepare our graduates for college.”

Three of the students, including junior Daniel Raynor, were named as National AP Scholars for scoring a 4 or better on eight or more AP exams.

Daniel received perfect scores of 5 on eight tests of the 10 tests he took last year, school officials said, putting him among the top five percent of the 1.5 million students who entered the competition.

In addition to being a student government vice president, a choir singer and baritone horn in band, a Latinist and an actor in the Blue Masques theater group, Daniel tutors elementary school students and is a counselor at Camp Intervention.

He said he hopes to pursue a degree in physics in college.

School officials said more students took the AP exams last year than ever before.

“We are so very proud of their accomplishments,” said assistant principal Charles Regan, who oversees the AP program.

See below for a full list of the AP Scholars for the 2011-12 school year (Students listed in Grade 12 graduated last year):


Name Grade
Aguirre, Christian 12
Ambrosio, Louis 11
Beodeker, Abigail 12
Block, Taylor 12
Borden, Patrick 12
Brophy, Catherine 11
Castro, Juan 11
Chabla, Ceaser 10
Cook, Sarah 11
Cosgrove, Jayson 11
Damour, Kayla 12
Dobrzynski, Juana 11
Drozd, Ashley 11
Flannery, Rachel 12
Funfgeld, Brian 11
Gallo, Amanda 12
Giannuzzi, Corey 11
Hulse, Eric 11
Inzalaco, Joseph 12
Keller, Steven 11
Komzyuk,Yevgeniya 12
Magee, Brian 12
Messina, Mariah 12
Moloney, Miles 12
Ochoa, Erika 11
O’Neill, Daniel 11
Piro, Joseph 11
Reyes, Karla 11
Ropell, Ashley 12
Roytman, Alex 11
Ruttkayova, Sandra 12
Samudio, Edgar 11
Sanchez, Alexandra 12
Schumejda, Peter 11
Spaeth, Jonah 11
Stark, Kendall 11
Szcerba, Klaudia 11
Trypuc, Kyle 11
Vail, John 12
Weinhardt, Brian 12
Wiwczar, Kiana 12
Zuniga, Meyling 12


Name Grade
Bennett, Miranda 11
Blom, Joshua 12
Caskie, Stuart 11
Colt, Samantha 11
Divan, Erik 11
Giannuzzi, Annina 12
Grego, Patrick 11
Hubbard, Harold 11
Kelly, Sara 11
Mulvaney, Matthew 12
Norbury, Alexandra 12
Palmer, Charlotte 11
Rios, John 12
Rosenquist, Roger 11
Unruh, Brian 11
Vunkannon, Julia 11


Name Grade
Clement, Timothy 12
Green, William 12
Keiffert, Hannah 12
McKillop, Alexandra 11
Raynor, Daniel 11
Savaneviciute, Daugile 12
Tysz, Daniel 11


Name Grade
Green, William 12
Raynor, Daniel 11
Savaneviciute, Daugile 12