Civics: Riverhead’s planners need qualifications

Representatives of seven civic and environmental groups asked Town Board members Tuesday night to make changes to the way it appoints people to the Planning Board and Zoning Board of Appeals, including setting minimum qualifications for appointment to those boards and holding public interviews of potential appointees.

Town Board members said they liked the idea of minimum requirements, but not the public interviews.

The groups asked that appointees have at least two years’ experience in land use issues. They suggested the qualifications include, but not be limited to, experience as a planner, architect, engineer, former official, civic leader or environmentalist.

As for the public interview, Mr. Walter said, “I don’t think it’s proper when interviewing someone for a job to subject them to a public interview.” Candidates are likely to act differently in public and on camera than in private, he added.

“It’s a personnel matter and shouldn’t be public,” Councilman John Dunleavy said.

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