Million dollars worth of fencing to keep deer out

GIANNA VOLPE PHOTO | Peter Sepenoski, right, of Sep’s Farm in East Marion with Senator Ken LaValle Monday.

East End farmers gathered in East Marion Monday with Senator Ken LaValle to celebrate $1 million that was earmarked to allow 69 Suffolk County farmers to install about 180,000 feet of deer fencing on their properties.

The press event took place at Sep’s Farm, where farmer Peter Sepenoski and family thanked Senator LaValle for helping them install the fencing to protect their crops.

“The increasing deer pressure on my crops was so bad that I was ready to give up farming,” Mr. Sepenoski said. “Now, I not only save money on seed and fuel but I also use less fertilizer and pesticides as a result.”

Representatives from the Suffolk County Soil and Water Conservation District joined the Sepenoski family Monday morning to thank the senator, who addressed those gathered on the importance of local agriculture.

“I’m a sponsor of the Farmland Preservation Act and I believe that agriculture and Suffolk County are still compatible,” Mr. LaValle said. “We have trials and tribulations with Mother Nature, whether it be deer in this situation or other kinds of pests. Hopefully we have the know-how to be at least even with Mother Nature, if not a step ahead. It’s really my pleasure to have played a role to keep you farming here with your family.”

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