Ice cream stand’s ‘Hurricane Sandy’ flavor

JENNIFER GUSTAVSON PHOTO | Magic Fountain in Mattituck has created a ‘Hurricane Sandy’ flavor made up of toasted coconut, fudge, caramel and vanilla wafer.

Magic Fountain has introduced a new ice cream consisting of toasted coconut, fudge, caramel and vanilla wafers.

You might call it a perfect storm of ice cream flavors. They call it Hurricane Sandy.

Employee Jenn Hunter said the newest flavor  at the ice cream shop on Main Road in Mattituck has become very popular since it was created a few days after the storm hit. She said the shop goes through about a bucket a day of the treat.

Ms. Hunter said the wafer was later added after the creators, Nicole and Molly, two youths that work there part-time, found out toasted coconut, fudge and caramel are the same ingredients in the Samoa girl scouts cookies.

“They flinged everything together and it came out perfect,” Ms. Hunter said.

Magic Fountain manager Marsha Williams described the flavor as a “caramel cookie.”

Ms. Williams said customers have made remarks ranging from “love it” to “it’s too soon.” She said many people have vented to her and believes the new flavor is helping people cope with the storm’s aftermath.

“To me, it’s just a whirlwind of flavors,” she said. “It’s payback for what Sandy did to us.”

The new flavor comes a few weeks after Magic Fountain offered a “buy one, get one free” offer the day before the storm.

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