RECAP: Mixed-use, EPCAL cars, YMCA move


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BARBARAELLEN KOCH PHOTO | Riverhead Town Board members speak with Calverton Manor LLC co-owner Charles Mancini (right) and a lawyer for the group Thursday.

The Riverhead Town Board on Thursday struck a second deal with IAA — an auto auction company storing storm-damaged cars on town land at EPCAL — to store more cars at the Calverton property.

The cars will be stored on about 40 acres of town-owned land on the runway at the Calverton Enteprise Park currently used by Sky Dive Long Island for a maximum four months. The town will receive $680,000 in return. In the meantime Sky Dive would stop using the runway.

“I think it was originally $680,000 based on 50 acres, but it looks like the area is actually closer to 40 acres,” Supervisor Sean Walter said after the work session. “We’re consenting for a one-time [payment] to consent for Sky Dive to lease the property for four months max.”

He said he didn’t expect the $680,000 figure to change, even with the earlier confusion on acreage.

The deal beween Sky Dive and IAA was described as private and was not disclosed.

Through another discussion, four of the five Town Board members said they would be in favor of voting to settle a lawsuit with developers looking to build a mixed-use project across the road from Splish Splash in Calverton, on 41 acres of land, called Calverton Manor.

One of the two Calverton Manor LLC owners, developer Charles Mancini, and an attorney for Calverton Manor were present for the public discussion, as were the town’s outside attorneys — though Mr. Walter stressed the attorneys could not give legal advice publicly.

Half the land would be built upon under the agreement, as opposed to the original application that called for an almost 100 percent buildout.

The proposed complex would consist of 40 apartments and campus-style shops and courtyards, Mr. Mancini told the board.

The board took a break about 10:30 a.m. and returned to discuss the Peconic YMCA group now eyeing school district land instead of a parcel off Route 25  the town was set to give the Y, at the EPCAL site.

Mr. Walter said he was “shocked” to learn Friday the Y didn’t want to work with the town on the EPCAL site.

He also lamenting having spent time and money trying to work out an agreement with the Y, only to have the group turn its backs on the plan.

“It’s a little disheartening,” he said in an interview, adding he had expected the town and YMCA to enter a lease agreement as soon as the end of this year.

The Town Board also discussed a pending request for proposals (RFP) involving work at the now town-owned Riverhead Armory, among other items.

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