Riverhead student avoids possible abduction

A Riverhead High School student avoided what could have been an attempted abduction while walking down Osborn Avenue near Pulaski Street School Wednesday morning, school officials said.

Superintendent Nancy Carney said security guards and administrators at Pulaski Street School, Riverhead Middle School and Riverhead High School are on the lookout for a Hispanic man in a black sedan who repeatedly asked a female student if she needed a ride to school this morning.

“She said no. He kept asking. She walked away quickly and saw him go into Bagel Lovers,” Ms. Carney said, referring to a bagel shop across the street from the high school.

The student flagged down a sheriff’s deputy, who told the girl to go directly to school as the deputy went looking for the suspect, according to a post the student’s mother wrote on a News-Review Facebook page.

Administrators then called Riverhead police, who responded to the school, officials said.

“They did a complete investigation,” said Ms. Carney.

Ms. Carney said the student described the man as clean-cut, between 25 and 35 years old and wearing green flannel pajama pants.

She said the car had a New York license plate with a “Q” in it.

“We’re very proud of her for doing the right thing and telling us immediately so we’re all on the lookout,” said Ms. Carney. “We’re reminding kids not to talk to strangers. We’re asking parents to talk to their kids and remind their kids not to talk to strangers or go near any cars they’re not aware of.”

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