Look familiar? Downtown parking lot again under water

TIM GANNON PHOTO | The Peconic Riverfront parking lot in downtown Riverhead is under water this morning.

The Peconic Riverfront parking lot in downtown Riverhead is once again under water, but the damage is nowhere near as bad as it was during Superstorm Sandy.

A combination of the rainfall from the nor’easter that struck Wednesday afternoon and the high tide led the river to flow into the parking lot, but Peconic Avenue remains open and is not under water.

The peak of the flooding occurred after 9 a.m., but by 10 a.m. the water had already begun to recede.

Vic Prusinowksi of Cody’s BBQ said the water in the riverfront parking lot wasn’t nearly as high as it was during Sandy, but at one point it did go as  far as the dumpster by the restaurant’s deck.

Riverhead Town Police Lieutenant Rick Boden said there was some flooding, “but nothing severe enough that we had to close the road or evacuate people.”

He said that in this storm, the high tide came after the high winds, whereas with Sandy, “it was a combination of both, and over more than one high tide.”

Riverhead Highway Superintendent George Woodson said about three trees came down Thursday morning, and there were a few cases of flooding, including areas along Peconic Bay Boulevard.

“Other than that, we’re doing OK,” he said.

Jim Loscalzo, who lives on Creek Road in Wading River, which often floods, said the road flooded Wednesday night, but his house didn’t take on any water

“The water on the beach side came right up to the house and the road was flooded, but not like we had with Sandy,” he said.