Another report of man trying to lure young Riverhead girls into car

Riverhead Police received another report of a man trying to lure underage girls into a sedan outside a Riverhead school last Friday, Dec. 21.

The latest incident took place at about 3:13 p.m. outside the Pulaski Street elementary school, according to police.

That’s when an Hispanic man with his hair “spiked up in front” attempted to lure two juvenile females into his car, according to police.

Police said three female students were walking near Pulaski Street and Osborn Avenue and were yelled at by a man who¬†stopped his car as the girls were crossing the street and said, “Hey mamas, come on in my car,” according to police.

The girls ran back to the school gym and the car headed south on Osborn Avenue, police said.

The suspect was driving a newer model silver Nissan sedan with tinted windows and had two other Hispanic men in the car with him, police said.

In addition, a third juvenile female who was in Carlo’s Pizza, not far from the school, reported being “watched closely” by a Hispanic male with haired spiked up in the front, police said.

It was unclear when that happened in relation to the other report.

On Dec. 5, a 17-year-old Riverhead High School student reported being repeatedly asked by an Hispanic man in a black sedan if she needed a ride to school. That incident also took place near Pulaski Street and Osborn Avenue, according to police.

The girl in the Dec. 5 incident repeatedly refused the offer, and flagged down a passing deputy sheriff after the car pulled into a nearby bagel shop, and explained what happened. The deputy sheriff then went looking for the suspect.

The suspect in the Dec. 5 case was described as a “clean cut man with a slight Spanish accent,” who was wearing pajama pants, according to the girl.

It was unclear if the two cases are connected.

No arrests have been reported in either case.

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