Three-hour limit proposed for section of parking lot

NEWS-REVIEW FILE PHOTO | A section of the downtown’s riverfront parking lot could become a three-hour parking limit because of the arrival of Summerwind apartment complex.

Councilman John Dunleavy is pitching an idea to enact three-hour parking limits for a section of the downtown’s riverfront parking lot immediately behind the stores on the south side of East Main Street.

“This is so the people who live in Summerwind, when it opens, don’t park there,” Mr. Dunleavy said.

Summerwind is a 50-unit apartment complex slated to open later this year.

Because it is in the town parking district, its residents can use the town parking lot for their cars. By limiting the section of the lot nearest to the stores to three hours, the apartment’s tenants would not be parking around the clock and taking spots from potential business customers, Mr. Dunleavy said.

The restricted area would include spots immediately behind Cody’s BBQ restaurant on the east side of the lot, and run west to the Summerwind complex.

The proposal would leave a number of parking space available to the south of the time-restricted area, where the tenants could park. Board members informally agreed with the proposal at a recent Town Board work session.

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