Delivery truck cuts corner, pierces fuel tank

Fuel spill in Riverhead
CARRIE MILLER PHOTO | The spill scene in a parking lot off Kroemer Avenue Wednesday.

Police and firefighters responded to the scene of a fuel spill Wednesday morning in Riverhead after a truck driver cut a corner too sharply and pierced the truck’s fuel tank, officials said.

The accident happend about 11 a.m  in a parking lot behind Sid Harvey Industries Inc. off Kroemer Avenue, where about two gallons of fuel spilled from the Wrap-N-Pack delivery truck’s exposed tank, said Kevin Brooks, second assistant fire chief.

“We got it stopped pretty quickly,” Mr. Brooks said.

Firefighters spread about two bags of a soaking agent on the ground to help clean up the mess, he said.

Riverhead police and about 25 Riverhead Fire Department volunteers responded to the scene.

Wrap-N-Pack sells packaging materials out of Farmingdale.

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