Riverhead officer honored again as top DWI cop

Riverhead's top DWI cop
COURTESY PHOTO | Riverhead Town Police Officer Timothy Murphy (center) is honored Tuesday with (L-R) Suffolk County Executive Steve Bellone and Riverhead Town Police Chief David Hegermiller.

Riverhead Town Police Officer Timothy Murphy was honored once more as one of Suffolk County’s top cops in DWI arrests.

Suffolk County Executive Steve Bellone honored Mr. Murphy along with 23 others officers in a ceremony Tuesday morning for making the most driving while intoxicated arrests throughout Suffolk County. He made 104 DWI arrests last year, said Police Chief David Hegermiller.

“Officer Murphy consistently ranks in the top for DWI arrests in the entire county of Suffolk,” Chief Hegermiller said. “There is no doubt that his diligent efforts in removing drunks drivers from our streets saves lives.”

Officer Murphy was also honored in 2010 when he made the most DWI arrests of any officer in Suffolk County with 86, Suffolk County Police said.

“He’s been here 10 or 11 years now and he’s consistently leading a lot of categories in driving while intoxicated arrests, for 10 years straight,” said Riverhead Police Lieutenant David Lessard.

Mr. Murphy was a New York City police officer for close to nine years before coming to Riverhead, Lt. Lessard said.

“DWI arrests are important to Suffolk County, and they are important to the town of Riverhead,” Mr. Murphy said. “I am just doing what my job is.

“It’s such an unfortunate thing when a DWI affects someone’s life. Tragic losses are so hard to deal with.”

Mr. Murphy said DWI offences seem to be a prevalent thing in Riverhead.

“I wish there were no DWI arrests,” he said. “You wish those numbers were down, you wish they weren’t there making the offence.”

Suffolk County police agencies made more than 5,100 DWI arrests in 2012, Mr. Bellone said.

“Suffolk County will not tolerate drunk driving on our roadways,” Mr. Bellone said. “We remain committed to arresting anyone who chooses to drink and then get behind the wheel of a car, endangering the lives of others.”

“It’s quite an accomplishment,” said Lt. Lessard.  “He has definitely saved countless lives, there’s no doubt about it.”

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