Students receive a lesson in weaving

BARBARAELLEN KOCH PHOTO | Visiting artist Marta Baumiller of Aquebogue works with third grade student Autumn Wald, 8, Friday morning on one of the five recycled materials tapestries that she and art teacher Maureen Ahern are creating with the students.

Students at Aquebogue Elementary School received a first-hand lesson on the history of weaving and the place of weavings in world and art history from a hometown artist, Marta Baumiller.

Ms. Baumiller, of Aquebogue, began visiting the school last week to work alongside art teacher Maureen Ahern to help the students to create five recycled materials tapestries. Ms. Baumiller and her husband, artist Cliff Baldwin, built the 3-by-4 foot looms, which the students are learning to weave on.

The children brought in colorful recycled plastic bags, fabrics and yard to weave. In the end, the tapestries will be sewn together and displayed in the school. Ms. Baumiller will spend another weeks at the school working with the children.

The artists have worked in the past on other recycled art projects with the children, including the ‘Bottle Bugs’ caterpillars, a mosaic sign for the school, a bass fish made out of recycled bottles and a ‘wind power flower tower project.’

BARBARAELLEN KOCH PHOTO | Riverhead Middle School student Ella Baldwin, 13, (center) works with a group of third graders on a weaving Friday morning.