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Autism awareness comes to Baiting Hollow

Autism Awareness Day
Children in this Baiting Hollow neighborhood gathered on the front lawn of Christine and Chris Springer’s house with blue glow-sticks just after sunset Tuesday for ‘World Autism Awareness Day.’

A Baiting Hollow neighborhood was lit blue Tuesday night thanks to the work of Chris and Christine Springer.

Autism in Baiting Hollow
BARBARAELLEN KOCH PHOTO | Savannah Springer, 11, wears a T-shirt her mother made.

The couple led efforts to decorate their block to recognize the sixth “World Autism Awareness Day.”

Ms. Springer started promoting the annual event locally about five years ago, inspired by the couple’s own child who has special needs.

The family has lived in Baiting Hollow for seven years.

For this year’s event, Ms. Springer went to Home Depot to purchase special blue light bulbs, from which the proceeds goes to “Autism Speaks,” and distributed the bulbs in her Nicholas Way neighbors’ mailboxes, asking them to participate by lighting up their houses blue.

The note also read, “No pressures. No worries.”

All 19 households on the dead-ended block happily complied.

Mr. Springer also purchased blue glow-sticks for area children to wear around their necks or to carry.

Ms. Springer was happy about the turnout to her house just after sunset Tuesday evening.

“In this neighborhood everybody supports everyone in everything we do. We all watch out for one other and the kids watch out for one other. It’s almost like family. You don’t have to worry.”

April 2 was World Autism Awareness Day, but April is also Autism Awareness Month.

The Empire State Building also glowed blue Tuesday night, as did bridges, tunnels and other landmarks all over the world.

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