Extensive damage caused by early morning fire

Fire department volunteers had to remove the doors to this Pulaski Street industrial building to get at the flames early Saturday Morning.

An early morning fire caused extensive damage to the western side of a Pulaski Street industrial building, fire officials said.

About 45 Riverhead and Flanders Fire Department volunteers responded to the building at 817 Pulaski Street, which is also home to the Long Ireland Beer Company, said Bill Sanok, press officer for the Riverhead Fire Department. Jamesport volunteers remained on standby.

“The call came in as a fire at Long Ireland Brewery, but it was in a section at the west end of the building,” Mr. Sanok said. “They were co-tenants.

“It was pretty extensive damage. The structure was OK but all of the insulation was burned off,” he said. “They had to take rip down the door to respond to the flames.”

MATTHEW FORREST COURTESY PHOTO | A fire broke out early Saturday morning in Polish Town.

Fire volunteers spent about two hours on the call, extinguishing the fire just before 4 a.m. Volunteers used truck ladders to cut venting holes on the north and south sides of the building’s roof, Mr. Sanok said.

Long Ireland Beer Company, located on the eastern side of the building, was filled with smoke as a result of the fire, but did not sustain any damages, said Greg Martin, the company’s co-owner.

“Nothing serious happened to us,” Mr. Martin said. “We were very fortunate.”

Mr. Martin said a part-time woodworking company uses the west side of the building.

The cause of the fire is still under investigation by the Riverhead Fire Marshall, Mr. Sanok said.

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