Thieves take engine blocks, tub from Flanders house

A Flanders man reported last week that a house he’s had for sale on East Street in Flanders was broken into and $1,700 worth of property was stolen.

The homeowner said the property has been on the market for the last year, and he discovered last Thursday afternoon the garage door was pried open and a number of items were missing, according to police.

The missing items included a Chevy engine block valued at $200, a another Chevy engine valued at $150, and a third one valued at $450.

Also reported stolen was a claw foot bathtub valued $500, and two chrome car rims valued at $200 each, according to a police report.

A neighbor told police he saw a green dump truck, a white van and a sedan in the driveway earlier in the day last Thursday.

No arrests were reported by police.