Gas station owner faces spitting allegations

TIM GANNON PHOTO |  The USA gas station in Flanders where a woman accused the owner of spitting on her.

The owner of a USA gas station in Flanders was charged with second-degree harassment last week after allegedly spitting in a woman’s face, according to a police report, though the man says he was spat at first.

Ahmet Bolat, 48, of Stockton Commons in Yaphank was arguing last Tuesday afternoon with a woman who had complained about a lack of service after entering the store to buy cigarettes. The woman told police Mr. Bolat had deliberately spat in her face during the dispute, the report reads.

Mr. Bolat said in an interview Tuesday that the woman spat at him first and then he spat back.

The incident took place at the station on Flanders Road and Long Neck Boulevard, and Mr. Bolat was charged with second-degree harassment and arrested on a civilian complaint. That means a police officer did not see the alleged incident and the arrest is based on the complainant’s testimony.

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