‘Branding’ plan leads to new enterprise park entrance signs

Calverton EPCAL sign
MICHAEL WHITE PHOTO | One of two signs marking the EPCAL entrance along Route 25.

As you arrive at the Enterprise Park at Calverton, you’ll now be greeted by new signs.

The signs are located at the Route 25 and Grumman Boulevard entrances.

“It’s all part of branding the site so people will come, purchase property and set up businesses,” said Riverhead Supervisor Sean Walter. “Before, a lot of people called it the former Grumman site, and some people called it EPCAL, but now they’ll know what that means.”

He said the town purchased the signs around December 2011, shortly after discussing the recommendations of  a marketing study it had commissioned for the EPCAL site.

“Before, we had no signage, no identifications of the property,” Mr. Walter said.

The town waited for developer Jan Burman, who owns close to 500 acres in the industrial core of EPCAL, to finish the improvements on the intersection at the property’s Route 25 entrance before installing the signs, Mr. Walter said.

“It’s long awaited,” said Councilwoman Jodi Giglio.

The town installed an EPCAL entrance sign on Grumman Boulevard many years ago near the former gateway there, but since then, that entrance was closed because the roads behind it were privately owned.

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