Cops: Robberies reported in Milbrook Gables area

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GOOGLE MAPS PHOTO | Two robberies were reported in the Milbrook Gables neighborhood Saturday morning.

Two men reported being robbed in the Milbrook Gables neighborhood of Riverhead in separate incidents involving a gun and a knife about five hours apart Sunday morning, town police said.

Police are investigating the incidents and could not say if they are related.

The first robbery occurred on Melene Street about 4:25 a.m., when a man was walking along the street, police said. The 47-year-old victim said he was approached from behind by a man who pulled out a handgun and demanded cash, according to a police report.

The robbery victim refused to give him any money, and the would-be robber fled the scene, police said.

About five hours later, another man reported being robbed on Carls Place about a block away from the first robbery, police said. Police said the man was threatened with a knife about 9:30 a.m., but could not provide any further details.

Police Detective Sgt. Joseph Loggia said the second victim has since traveled to Connecticut and police were arranging to interview him about the alleged crime this week.

He said detectives are investigating both robberies, and had not made any determinations about whether the robberies are linked or not.

“We don’t know at this point,” Sgt. Loggia said. “We’re working on both.”

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