Cops: Men battle with extension cord, meat cleaver in Flanders

A dispute over women lead to a feud between two Flanders men last week, as one man beat the other with an extension cord only to have the victim come after him with a meat cleaver four days later, Southampton Town police said.

The argument started Tuesday morning on Albany Avenue between one man, who had not been charged, and Gilber Perez-Ortiz, 29, said Sgt. Michael Burns.

The two got into a dispute over “ex-girlfriends and girlfriends” about 6:50 a.m., he said.

During that fight, Mr. Perez-Ortiz beat the other man with an extension cord, Sgt. Burns said. Police arrested Mr. Perez-Ortiz and charged him with second-degree assault. He was taken to police headquarters, arraigned and released on bail, Sgt. Burns said.

Then, on Saturday, Mr. Perez-Ortiz became the victim as the man he initially beat with an extension cord allegedly came after him with a meat cleaver on Albany Avenue about 7:30 a.m., according to a police report.

Mr. Perez-Ortiz got into his car and started to drive away from the man wielding the weapon when the man threw the cleaver at him, police said. The weapon hit the driver’s side door, causing $250 worth of damage, according to a police report.

Around the same time of the alleged incident, Southampton Town police received a report of a man walking in the road with a meat cleaver, Sgt. Burns said, adding that the report “lends credibility to Ortiz’s story.”

Mr. Perez-Ortiz came to police the next day and reported the incident, wishing to press charges against the man with the cleaver.

Southampton Town police have not yet made an arrest in the second incident.

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