Coast Guard, Bay Constables pull two men from Flanders Bay

GOOGLE MAPS | Authorities say two men were pulled from Flanders Bay Monday afternoon

An unconscious man was pulled from Flanders Bay Monday afternoon after a boat sailing from the Long Island Aquarium and Exhibition Center spotted the swimmer in the water, U.S. Coast Guard officials said.

A second man, who was from the same boat, was located still conscious about 20 minutes later in Flanders Bay and was pulled to safety by Southampton Bay constables.

The Coast Guard’s Shinnecock Station got the first report of a swimmer who was unconscious in the water about 2:30 p.m., when a Long Island Aquarium vessel found the man in Flanders Bay, said U.S. Guard Petty Officer Michael Fusco.

The Long Island Aquarium boat was unable to pull the man aboard, he said. A U.S. Coast Guard boat arrived on scene 11 minutes later and pulled the man from the water.

The man was unconscious when he was recovered from the bay, and remained unconscious as he was brought back to shore, Mr. Fusco said.

The Flanders-Northampton Volunteer Ambulance Corps took the man to a local hospital, Mr. Fusco said, though he did not specify which.

Less than 10 minutes after the first man was pulled from the water, a second man was spotted in Flanders Bay near a boat that had drifted away, Mr. Fusco said. That man, who was conscious but had become stranded in the water, was pulled aboard a Southampton Bay Constables vessel, Mr. Fusco said.

Authorities later learned the two men were from the same boat, though Mr. Fusco did not say how they ended up in the water.

Updates on the two men’s conditions were not immediately available.

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