Featured Letter: Councilwoman apologizes over permit issues

To the editor:

I want to apologize to the Riverhead taxpayers for the lack of oversight that occurred in the process of trying to obtain certificates of occupancy on my home. My husband owned the home for 17 years before I moved in and all of the improvements existed, with the exception of the addition. While I was newly married and the mother of our very young children, my husband was involved with the permitting of a proposed addition. Unfortunately between dust, dishes, and diapers I lost track of the process my husband had started. When refinancing the home we realized it had not been completed and we acted immediately to come into compliance. To rectify this issue, I have paid all necessary permit fees and penalties required by the Town of Riverhead and will remit payment for back taxes when calculated.

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Though some have used this instance to attack my character, I remain steadfast in my commitment to serving the taxpayers of Riverhead.  Attempts to use this instance as a mudslinging campaign is a clear example of politics as usual —  but I am not a typical politician. I stand proudly on my achievements as a Riverhead Town councilwoman who values fiscally conservative principles. Since I was elected in 2009, I have worked to cut government waste and save much-needed tax dollars by working on code and contracts saving taxpayers $2 million townwide in their garbage tax, vamping up the town’s recycling efforts, subdividing land at EPCAL for high paying jobs, pursuit of the FAA coming to EPCAL and cutting back on spending $1 million. I have done my best to uphold the master plan when it comes to development and to respect the work that the taxpayers and my predecessors put into that plan.

While I am proud to stand on my record as a fiscal conservative, there is still much that needs to be done to make sure Riverhead continues on a path of sustainable growth. We need to continue the revitalization of downtown Riverhead and complete the subdivision at EPCAL. These are the issues that we should be talking about and these are the issues that I have, and will, continue to focus on going forward as a dedicated member of the Riverhead Town Board.

Councilwoman Jodi Giglio