Roxanne freed back into the ocean Wednesday morning

RIVERHEAD FOUNDATION COURTESY PHOTO | Roxanne, a Risso's dolphin was released Wednesday morning.
RIVERHEAD FOUNDATION COURTESY PHOTO | Roxanne, a Risso’s dolphin was released Wednesday morning.

Roxanne, the 700-pound Risso’s dolphin found marooned on a Jones Beach Island sandbar, is swimming freely once again after being released Wednesday by her caretakers from the Riverhead Foundation for Marine Research.

Riverhead Foundation officials were seeking help raising funds needed for her release from rehabilitation. In all, about $35,000 was needed to completely fund her rehabilitation and release, according to a foundation spokeswoman.

The 9-foot dolphin was transported by truck to the Shinnecock Commercial Dock in Hampton Bays about 8:30 a.m., where she was loaded onto Stony Brook University’s boat, Sea Wolf.

The Sea Wolf took her 20 miles offshore, where she was released into ocean waters, according to a release.

It took an 18-member team, a crane, a transport truck and the Sea Wolf to carry her back into the ocean, according to the non-profit’s officials.

She was fitted with a satellite tracking device. Her travels can soon be tracked on the foundations webpage.

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