Report: 1,700 marijuana plants uncovered at Riverhead home

PAUL SQUIRE PHOTO | Police said they found nearly 1,700 marijuana plants worth $3.8 million on this property on Osborn Avenue.

A Riverhead man is being held in jail for his alleged role in running a multi-million dollar marijuana operation out of his Osborn Avenue home, according to a news report and court sources.

Law enforcement officials with the Internal Revenue Services Criminal Investigation unit and Suffolk County police raided the house of 70-year-old Edward Dispirito Tuesday, according to an article in Newsday.

Officers found 1,689 marijuana plants worth $3.8 million at the property, the article states. Mr. Dispirito is also alleged to have tapped into Long Island Power Authority lines to steal $275,000 worth of electricity.

Mr. Dispirito and Seaford resident James Ford, 55, were arrested and charged with conspiracy to distribute marijuana, the report states.

Both men appeared before Magistrate Judge Kathleen Tomlinson at the U.S. District Court in Central Islip Tuesday, according to a court source.

Mr. Ford was released on $450,000 bail secured using his house and help from his sister, the source said. Mr. Dispirito will go before a magistrate on Friday for his bail hearing.

No one answered the door at Mr. Dispirito’s two-story residence in Riverhead Tuesday morning. Court documents related to the case were not available to be reviewed online or in-person due to the federal government shutdown.

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