Man cuffed twice in same day at McDonald’s

SH_CopsA homeless man was arrested twice in less than six hours at a Riverside fast food restaurant Friday after he allegedly assaulted a man at the restaurant, was arrested, arraigned and released, before trespassing at the same restaurant to buy some food, according to Southampton Town police reports.

Police say William Gilmore Jr., 47, formerly of Florida, “came after” a Manorville man at the McDonald’s on Flanders Road about 9 a.m., punching the victim in the forehead after Gilmore said the Manorville man took his spot in line.

The victim suffered bruises, a scratch above his right eye and a cut above his left eye that required four stitches to close, according to a police report. The victim was taken to Peconic Bay Medical Center for treatment, while Mr. Gilmore was arrested by police.

Mr. Gilmore was charged with third-degree assault, a misdemeanor, and was taken to police headquarters. He was later arraigned and released by the court and was warned not to return to the restaurant, police said.

But the man went back to the McDonalds about 3 p.m., police said.

The manager signed a trespassing affidavit stating Mr. Gilmore came back to the restaurant and bought some food. Mr. Gilmore was arrested again by police and charged with third-degree criminal trespassing.

He was arraigned and was held at Suffolk County jail on $2,500 cash bail, police said.