Turnout ‘steady’ as Riverhead voters head to the polls

PAUL SQUIRE PHOTO | Voters cast their ballots inside the John Wesley Village polling place Tuesday.

The usual Pulaski Street School polling place was moved to the Riverhead Fire Department headquarters on Roanoke Avenue for this Election Day, but that didn’t stop voters from lining up outside the doors of the firehouse early Tuesday morning, election officials said.

“We haven’t been inundated, but it’s been pretty steady,” said elections coordinator James Ellwood, who added the change in polling location hadn’t tripped up too many voters.

At the John Wesley Village II polling place, turnout this year appeared to be about the same as the last off-year election four years ago, volunteers said, though the final numbers will prove to pale in comparison to the presidential year turnouts.

“I’ve seen a lot of the people I’ve seen year in and year out,” said Jack McIntyre. “Turnout has been very good … over 450 people.”

Some residents interviewed after casting votes pointed to the preservation of the North Fork and political infighting in Town Hall and the federal government as their primary concerns on Election Day.

“I’m so mad at the Republicans,” said Mary Deveau. “They need to work together … and get this thing on the road.”

Another voter, Irene Lapidez, said she’s frustrated by political discord, but only at the national level. She said she was satisfied with how town politicians have been handling local issues, like the revitalization of downtown Riverhead.

“I’m very happy with the way Riverhead is coming along,” she said.

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