Update: All exits of the Long Island Expressway now open

Update 9:45 p.m.: All exits of the Long Island Expressway are now open.

Original Story: Suffolk Police have shut the Long Island Expressway to traffic from Exit 68 east to the Riverhead exits of 71, 72 and 73 due to icy conditions.

Other potential road closures are “pending” for Suffolk County, said a police spokeswoman.

The road was shut “due to icing conditions. The Department of Public Works is getting salt and sand trucks out and we want to advise all residents to stay off the roads, because they’re icing all over,” she said.

Police made the call to close the road about 6 p.m.

Riverhead Town issued a statement just before 8 p.m. urging residents to stay off roads because of black ice conditions. Drivers who must use the roads are encouraged to reduce their speed.

Conditions on Sunrise Highway are also dangerous, though that road has not been closed. Meanwhile, a National Weather Service winter weather advisory remains in effect until about 7 p.m.