Merry Christmas from Times/Review Newsgroup

BARBARAELLEN KOCH PHOTO | Happy Holidays from the staff at Times/Review Newsgroup.
BARBARAELLEN KOCH PHOTO | Happy Holidays from the staff at Times/Review Newsgroup.

The Times/Review Newsgroup, publishers of the Riverhead News-Review, The Suffolk Times, Shelter Island Reporter, Long Island Wine Press and would like to wish you a Merry Christmas today and a Happy New Year.

Pictured in our staff photo are:

Front Row (left to right): Carrie Miller, health and environment reporter (2013); Melanie Drozd, circulation manager (2008); Danielle Doll, staff artist (2012); Kim Volinski, classified rep (2013); Claire Jacobs, circulation rep (2013); Lori Miller, business manager (2010); Jennifer Gustavson, education reporter (2010); Sonja Reinholt Derr, sales and marketing director (2010); Rachel Young, business reporter (2013).

Middle Row (left to right): Andrew Olsen, publisher (2001); Tracey Doubrava, display sales coordinator (2012); Maria Gennaro, editorial production assistant (2013); Decia Fates, copy chief (1997); Cyndi Murray, government reporter (2013); Laura Huber, editorial assistant (2001); Lee Peters, special projects editor (2010); Karen Cullen, classified manager (2003); Liz Person, sales executive (2012); Candice Schott, web advertising manager (2005); Lauren Sisson, senior associate editor (1985).

Top Row (left to right): Eric Hod, production manager (2007); Erica Brower, sales executive (2012); Joseph Pinciaro, managing editor (2013); Ray Fedynak, staff artist (2002); Bert Vogel, advertising production manager (1993); Jill Johnson, copy editor (2005); Don Kirby, collections manager (2006); Bill Peters, sales executive (2001); Grant Parpan, executive editor (2006); Karen Kine, office manager (2007); Matt Kapelas, editor (2013); Joe Werkmeister, web editor (2006); Tim Gannon, government reporter (1996); Paul Squire, police reporter (2012); Bob Liepa, sports editor (1992).