Column: 2,013 things I loved from the year 2013

AMC COURTESY PHOTO  |  The cast of Breaking Bad.
AMC COURTESY PHOTO | The cast of Breaking Bad.

Editor’s note: Due to space constraints, this list was chopped down to just nine things the author liked about 2013. We also eliminated any reference to Sean Walter, weather events, EPCAL, Common Core and any of the other things we’ve written about on a dozen pages in this issue.

No. 2,013 — Finishing this list. It took me 11 days and I poured my heart and soul into this. I hope nobody chops it down to fill a small hole on page 8 or flips it upside down to make it one of those lame year-in-review countdowns.

Grant Parpan
Grant Parpan

No. 1,841 — The $20.13 Thursday night prix fixe at ALure Restaurant in Southold. As a chubby fella who likes seafood and great restaurants with affordable prices, this was the best thing that ever happened to my digestive system. And I have a good outside-the-box suggestion for chef Tom Schaudel and restaurateur Adam Lovett that’s so cutting edge they probably haven’t thought of it yet: Do the same thing next year, but charge $20.14.

No. 1,611 — Purchasing a Prius C from Riverhead Toyota. At 6-foot-4, I look ridiculous in it, but I’m the only one laughing when the gas meter reads 52 miles per gallon.

No. 1,202 — The moment when I realized shortly after Primary Day that I may never hear the name Anthony Weiner again.

No. 1,057 — Seeing “Gravity” in IMAX 3D. Two hours of floating through space with Sandra Bullock in spandex shorts was nothing short of an amazing experience. When I try to figure out which film deserves best picture each year, originality is among the biggest factors for me. I’ve never seen a movie that looks and sounds anything like “Gravity.” It’s easily my choice for Best Picture of the Year.

No. 729 — Completing my 34th year on Earth without playing Monopoly. About a dozen years ago I realized I’d never played the game. Now I do everything I can to avoid it. It’s a stubborn Irish guy thing.

No. 434 — Great friends. I read all the time about the brain drain on Long Island and particularly the East End. I’ve been fortunate to have most of my friends stay close by. It’s the biggest reason I’ll never leave Long Island.

No. 216 — Two words: “Breaking Bad.” One more word: Wow.

No. 1 — The moment I realized I was going to be a dad and that my son will top each list moving forward. It wasn’t until that first sonogram that it set in as reality. Hearing his heart beat a million times per minute made me realize he was not only healthy, but as hyperactive as his mom. My favorite thing about him is that he’ll always be half her.

Happy New Year, everyone. Looking forward to another year of bringing you the news when 2014 finally begins.

Mr. Parpan is the executive editor of Times/Review Newsgroup. He can be reached at [email protected] or 631-354-8046.