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Freezing rain could make Sunday travel troublesome


Careful out there, drivers: a freezing rain advisory is in effect through 4 p.m. on Sunday.

The National Weather Service predicts that while just a trace of rain could fall on area roadways, that’s all it could take for a car to slide off the road — or into another car.

According to the NWS, “a glaze of ice will make travel treacherous and dangerous … especially on untreated and elevated surfaces. Numerous accidents have been reported due to the icy roads.”

Temperatures are expected to increase by late afternoon, though rain is forecast to persist.

The warning comes a couple of days after eight to 10 inches of snow hit the region. Freezing temperatures proved a challenge in the wake of the snow, as Riverhead Highway Superintendent Gio Woodson noted that salt spread by the town was unable to melt snow soon after it hit.

Temps ticked up yesterday, however, getting a fair amount of snow off of many roadways.