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Flanders News: Remembering Ed Doherty

It is with a heavy heart again that I write this week’s column. My children’s grandfather passed away last week. If you’re from Riverhead then you knew Ed Doherty.

Mr. D, as he was known to all the children who rode a school bus back in the day, was a great man. I’m not just saying this because he’s family; it comes from my heart. Not only did he and his wife, Helen, Doherty_col_head_BWraise seven children while he worked countless hours running Riverhead School District’s transportation department, he was also very active in the community and at St. John’s Church. He was so dedicated to his job and the students of RCSD that he knew your face and where you belonged. That dedication was also directed to his family. He rarely missed a play or a sports event that the grandchildren were in and was always available to those who needed him, day or night. He was loved by many and will be missed by all. Rest in peace, Poppy. Your work here is done and we thank you for all you did. Say hi to Nana for us and watch over the family and keep them strong during this difficult time.

The Southampton Fire Department blood drive will take place Tuesday, March 18, at the Southampton firehouse on Hampton Road and Narrow Lane. Doors will be open from noon to 7:15 p.m. Complimentary hot chowder, donated by Schmidt’s, will be offered. Drink lots of fluids before donating and bring ID. For more information, call Jim Frankenbach at 283-2431.

I don’t know if everyone’s heard but Flanders Little League will not be hosting teams this year due to declining enrollment. I’m sorry to see it end this way. After 40-plus years it’s a sad day indeed. I want to personally thank everyone who ever helped throughout the years. Since 1972 — when games were played at the end of Wood Road Trail with cactuses growing in the outfield — until most recently, with a brand-new field, bathrooms and playground, it was always fun watching the boys and girls play baseball. Even though my kids aged out a long time ago, I still went down there now and then to watch my friends’ kids play. I’ll miss it.

Happy birthday to Allison Pressler on March 10; Maryann “Cool Breeze” Matlak on the 11th; my coworker Andrea Conforti on the 12th; Christine Lennon, who will turn 35, on the 14th (with lots of love from Mom, John, your brothers and your son, Ethan); Danny Watts on the 14th; Lenny Rempe and Jason Kwasna on the 15th, Barbara Pace, Theresa Curry and Maureen Karpilovsky on the 17th; Kevin Podlas on the 18th; and Jean Heimroth on the 21st. I hope everyone has a great day!

Thanks for all the news this week. Have a great weekend and pray for warmer temperatures. I know I will. Also, please drive safely and put down that cellphone. It can wait.

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